Fiber For Cancer Prevention

Fiber For Cancer Prevention


Every time you bite a juicy apple, you are eating fiber, and indigestible but indispensable part of food.  Researchers suggests you can reduce your odds of getting cancer by increasing you fiber intake to recommend level of 25 to 35 grams a day.

How does fiber fight cancer?  Fiber does so by detoxifying and eliminating harmful dietary factors and carcinogens from your body.  One type of carcinogen eradicated from the body by fiber is bile acid, a byproduct of fat digestion.  Increased level of bile acid in the stool can cause cells in the mucous membranes of the intestines to grow abnormally and possible lead to colon cancer.

Fiber also eliminates hormonal by-products (including estrogen) made by body that can lead to breast cancer.  Normally this by products are excreted in your bowel, but if you are short of fiber in your diet, food will take days to travel from entry to exit, creating chronic constipation.   With constipation these by products remain in your system and are reabsorbed back into your body and increase the risk of cancer.

To pump up your fiber intake:

  • Eat a large salad most days of the week.  Choose darker-leaf lettuces, they are higher in fiber and other nutrients.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables raw and unpeeled whenever possible as it contain more fiber

  • Choose whole-grain cereals such as oatmeal, oat bran, bulgur wheat, and brown rice throughout the week.

  • Select try unsweetened cereal to which extra fiber has been purposely added as part of the product formulation

  • Add high fiber grains such as barley and brown rice to vegetables soups

  • Substitute high-fiber foods such as beans and lentils for meat and poultry several times a day.