Folate For Cancer Prevention

Folate For Cancer Prevention


Folate a member of the B-complex vitamins is critical for the synthesis, repair and functioning of DNA, the genetic material of cells.  In fact numerous scientific experiments have revealed that folate deficiencies cause DNA damage that resembles the DNA damage in cancer cells.

Research also shows that folate suppresses cell growth in colon cancer.  Folate also prevent formation of precancerous lesions that could lead to cervical cancer.  Other studies link low intake of folate to and increased risk of breast, lung, uterine and pancreatic cancers.

Folate is found in a wide variety of foods, mainly vegetables, cereals and grains.  To get more folate in to you diet:

  • Prepare salad using the darkest-leaf lettuce possible (such as romaine).  This varieties are high in folate.

  • Incorporate spinach and other green leafy vegetables into recipes such as those for soups, lasagna, and casseroles.

  • Drink a glass of orange juice most days of the weeks.  It is loaded with folate.

  • Switch to folate-fortified cereals.