Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index consists of a scale from 1-100, showing the rate which carbohydrate foods are absorbed into bloodstream.  It is the key to the success of South Beach Diet. Glucose, which is absorbed most quickly is give a rate of 100.  Glycemic index was design originally to help professionals treat diabetics a  s it is extremely important for diabetic to controlled blood sugar level.

Glycemic index is also relevant for those who want to control their weight as food with low or moderate glycemic index rating tend to help us keep full for longer, as well as keeping blood sugar level more constant.  

The glycemic index list link provided here show a list of food and their respective glycemic index.

An interesting point to take note is that same food may have different glycemic index according to the way it is cooked.  For example, boiled potatoes are medium, while mashed or baked are high.  Other influential factors including the size or particle in food, and even the variety.  (e.g. basmati rice has a lower glycemic index than ordinary white or brown rice.)

Yoghurt and milk are low on the glycemic index because although the contain simple sugars (lactose), the protein and fat content bring the overall glycemic index down to low.  Adding protein and fat content bring the overall glycemic index down to low and slow the rate of absorption.  So for slimmer’s high-GI carbs should be eaten with some protein or fat.  Protein and fat are not measured in GI , but they are both slowly absorbed to the blood stream.

A 2002 article in The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) claims that glycemic index can indeed help people to lose weight and obtain good health there are others institution that support the idea.  In year 2002, Diabetes Australia endorse a food-labeling program that includes GI rating. That group and the Canadian Diabetes Association both say diabetic may benefit from using the index.  World Health Organization and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization stated early this year that eating low glycemic index foods may stave of weight gain and guard against diabetes.