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Mediterranean Diet Healthy Snacks by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Mediterranean diet is healthy because it increases your intake of important minerals and vitamins, and at the same time it can help reduce the risk for certain diseases. reports that the Mediterranean diet can reduce the chances of developing many diseases like heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Adding healthy snacks to your Mediterranean diet is the best way to begin including in your diet foods that most benefit your health.Fresh Fruits with Ricotta CheeseFruits are one of the fundamental foods in Mediterranean cuisine. Fruits, dried or fresh, can be included in most Mediterranean meals. It is very healthy to consume snacks made in accordance with basic principles of the Mediterranean diet. Any kind of fresh fruit is ideal, because each fruit contains vitamins, potassium, fiber and plenty of helpful antioxidants. 2 or 3 slices of your favorite fruit can be served with 1 oz. low-fat fresh ricotta cheese or you can drizzle your fruit with honey.Bean Dip Served with Fresh VegetablesFresh vegetables and all types of beans are also basic ingredients of the Mediterranean recipes. These foods are rich in vitamin A, protein, fiber and iron. Hummus is very popular in some parts of the Mediterranean Region. Hummus is frequently served as one of the mail dishes of a healthy meal, but hummus can be served as a healthy snack alternative as well. Try combining canned chickpeas with fresh garlic, some olive oil and tahini and then mix until smooth. Serve the dip with squash, carrots or peppers.Dried fruit and nutsDried fruits and nuts are important sources of fiber, which contribute to the overall benefits of a Mediterranean diet and at the same time satisfy your hunger for a longer time. Combine dried fruit, such as figs, dates, apricots, currants and other, with your favorite variety of nuts. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds can also be part of a healthy Mediterranean snacks.Bruschetta With Tomatoes and Mozzarella CheeseTomatoes, together with whole grain bread are staples of many Mediterranean meals, but can also make very healthy and tasty snacks. A slice of bread contains some fiber, while tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Spread a few slices of whole grain bread with extra-virgin olive oil. Sprinkle with finely chopped garlic and a little black pepper to taste. Bake in toaster or oven until golden brown. Put finely chopped tomatoes on top, some chopped fresh basil and sprinkle with fresh mozzarella cheese.Did you like this? Share it:TweetMediterranean Diet Meal PlanComplete recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! FREE!We hate spam just as much as youTags: mediterranean meals, mediterranean recipes –>