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Mediterranean diet may lower breast cancer risk by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet News In the new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researches who tracked 14,800 Greek women for a hole decade, found that the women who held to the Mediterranean diet eating pattern were less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, than those who didn’t follow Mediterranean eating style.This further evidence of the Mediterranean Diet anti-cancer effects came as no surprise to those of us who believe that this particular style of eating is one of the best – if not the best – forms of dietary cancer prevention available.Best of all, you don’t have to live in a Mediterranean country to reap the benefits of the new Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet menus follow a simple pattern of eating meals that are rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, seeds, garlic, herbs and spices, but relatively low in dairy products and especially low in red meat.It’s this wide variety of fresh and unprocessed foods which characterize this diet that provides an array of cancer-fighting compounds.Unfortunately, most modern western diets are comprised of highly processed foods rich in bleached flour, sugar and refined vegetable oils.A large body of different research and studies ranging from the 1950s all the way to this day, suggest without a doubt that Mediterranean diet offers substantial protection against many illnesses. And if paired with other healthy lifestyle habits like adequate rest and regular physical activity the protective effects of Mediterranean diet are even greater.Did you like this? Share it:TweetMediterranean Diet Meal PlanComplete recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! FREE!We hate spam just as much as youTags: Mediterranean Diet, mediterranean diet health benefits –>