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How to Plan For a Healthy Diet by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Trying to get in shape can prove to be complicated or even difficult. Despite everyday challenges, being fit actually comes down to only two main aspects: exercise and diet. Yes, in most cases only dieting is not enough; you need to practice proper exercise.There are numerous theories and debates on what are the best strategies and plans for living healthier life, looking better and losing weight. The number of lose-weight-slim-fast diets seems to increase weekly, if not daily. Some of them aren’t worth anything (even worse, some wrong diets can cause more damage to your body than good), but here and there a healthy diet appears.It’s impossible to find one diet that can be equally effective for everyone. We are all unique, and our bodies tend to react differently to different diets or eating patterns. Still, if you have difficulties maintaining your diet, here are few simple steps which can help you stick to your diet plan:Simplify your diet. Counting calories all day long? You shouldn’t be obsessing with the number of calories you take in. That’s not the way to lose weight in the long term. Put away you calculator, and instead focus on you food! Use your sense: decrease the portions of your meals, avoid processed foods, and eat as much fresh food as possible.Take it slowly. Most modern diet you read about in newspapers or health magazines are unrealistic. No truly healthy diet can help you lose weight overnight. Or over fortnight. That’ not only unrealistic, it’s extremely dangerous! You need to take baby steps, which will make eating healthier a natural habit, not something you’re forced to do. Start with adding a salad to your meal, or use olive oil instead of butter.Indulge, but with moderation. The fact that you changed your eating habits and you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a occasional threat! Depriving yourself of everything you enjoy isn’t the right way to diet. What will you do, stop eating chocolate for the rest of your life?! Of course not, indulge in your favorite food, but do it occasionally and with moderation!Plan your meals on weekly basis. To be sure that you will eat healthy, plan your meals in advance. This will decrease the chances of you eating something unhealthy in the spring of the moment, or when you’re hungry but don’t know what to cook.Pick different healthy dishes. Research and experiment. We have prepared for you a 7 Days Mediterranean Diet plan, full of tasty, healthy dishes very easy to prepare. Try them; you’ll probably like most of them, and those you don’t you can just avoid. It’s important that you eat healthy, is not important that you eat apples on Monday and lettuce on Thursday.Cooking ahead of time is another “trick” to make sure you eat healthy diet food. You can cook a dish, freeze it and set aside for another day.If you’re in pursuit for healthy diet recipes, download our free 7 Days Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan.Did you like this? Share it:TweetTags: healthy dietThe Mediterranean diet – the Healthiest Diet in the World by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Leave a Comment Mediterranean diet is very tasty and equally important, is healthy for the heart. So much, that it’s considered the healthiest diet in the world. The Mediterranean diet is a combination of many different traditions and cultures.Basically, this diet has become popular due to ease in the acceptance of natural methods of living that enable people to stay fit and healthy. Mediterranean diet recipes also include the basics of healthy eating using natural ingredients and elements of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.Mediterranean diet meal plan as one of the best means to prevent many diseases and promote good life, not only improves the overall health condition of your body, but also helps preventing the metabolic syndrome, which is frequently caused from too much fat around the waist or a high blood pressure.An important ingredient that is required on regular basis in the Mediterranean diet plan is vegetarian food. Plant foods include all fruits, fresh and dried, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, potatoes but also includes grains, spices, herbs, rice and pasta. It’s also important to note that the Mediterranean diet uses olive oil as the primary source of fats. Mediterranean diet meal plan promotes the use of monounsaturated fats and dis-encourages people to use saturated fats.Another feature of the Mediterranean diet plan is a moderate consumption of wine, which is voluntary. Studies have shown that small or moderate consumption of wine helps reduce the risks of heart disease.While Mediterranean diet is based primarily on plant foods, it also combines all the other natural ingredients, from both land and sea. It is advised to consume fish, especially oily or blue. Poultry can be consumed in moderation but red meat only occasionally (two to three times a month).Studies have shown that people who follow this diet have a 70% increase in life expectancy and 80% increase in quality of life. Mediterranean diet may be used as a guide on what to eat, but especially as a guide to what not to eat. Avoid modern artificial and processed foods since they contain trans-fats.5 basic staples of the Mediterranean diet are:ExerciseRegular exercise will keep your metabolism and help in the combustion of excess fat in the body.Most of the Diet are Plant-Based FoodsEating plant foods like fruits and vegetables is emphasized. Fruits and vegetables can make most of your meals, as they are available in great variety. Fruit is also considered best suited for desert in Mediterranean cuisine.Nuts as Healthy SnacksEating nuts and nut products for snacks is recommended, while it’s important to avoid snacks with hydrogenated fats. Some nut products are walnuts, almonds and pistachios.Eat Fish Instead of MeatConsumption of fish and other sea food as a substitute for red meat is recommended. Grilled fish is desirable in relation to the fried, unless the fish are not prepared in olive oil.Use spicesMediterranean cuisine encourages people to use spices and herbs in substitution for salt.Did you like this? 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