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Tasty Mediterranean Diet Recipes for BreakfastSeptember 15, 2010 by Alessia   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Recipes Leave a Comment You probably already heard about all the health benefits of new Mediterranean Diet. Mediterranean diet is much more healthy than typical American diet. You may already heard that Mediterranean diet will help you weight loss while improving your overall health if you follow delicious and tasty Mediterranean diet menu preparing for you and your family some simple yet delicious Mediterranean diet recipes.Here are some Mediterranean diet recipes for breakfast:Read more…Did you like this? Share it:TweetTags: mediterranean diet recipes, new mediterranean dietNew Mediterranean dietDecember 12, 2009 by Alessia   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Leave a Comment What is the New Mediterranean diet?The New Mediterranean diet is based on big amounts of vegetables and fruits, less carbohydrates, certain amounts of legumes with less animal fat (olive oil instead), good quantity of poultry and fish (sardines, tuna, mackerel, anchovies). Eggs are recommended just a few time a month, skinned milk daily, cheese from time to time and in special occasions Mediterranean diet does allow you to enjoy a good peace of meat or ham (unlike other diets, in Mediterranean diet no food is completely forbidden!)Despite some articles you may have read on the Internet, there is no one Mediterranean Diet, old or new! The origins of Mediterranean Diet are from Mediterranean, a region of some 20 countries that share the Mediterranean Sea. Local population in these countries, dependent of local natural resources, agricultural customs and availability of certain food groups, always tended to consume the foods that was available to them. For example, population living near the sea shores, always has more fish and other seafood in their diets, than inland population. Although the distance between these population is sometimes very small (couple of miles), their diets can be significantly different. The fine tuning of the Mediterranean Diet happened over the last decade, mostly thanks to scientific breakthroughs. So, what are the main differences between the Traditional Mediterranean Diet and the New Mediterranean Diet? There are two main differences: first, New Mediterranean Diet is geared toward weight loss, not just health and longevity. Second difference is that New Mediterranean Diet is more specific in comparison to the general guidelines of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet.If you follow the New Mediterranean Diet your body will receive the optimal amount of various nutrients and foods that have been clearly associated by the medical researches with improved longevity and lower risks of diseases.Physical active lifestyle is another very important aspect of the Mediterranean Diet associated with lower rates of hearth diseases and longer life spans. Thirty minutes of fast walking daily, would do you much benefits!Even without the physical activity (vigorous or light) Mediterranean Diet will improve your significantly; changing your diet you will start to feel better, have more strength and energy! Undoubtedly, if you make some changes in your diet and your lifestyle you can save your health and prolong your life span! It’s your choice!Did you like this? Share it:TweetTags: Mediterranean Diet, new mediterranean diet Revolution Lifestyle Options and enter your Feedburner ID.–>Mediterranean Diet News & UpdatesSign up to receive breaking news as well as receive other site updates!Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Revolution Music Options and enter your video code here.Featured Video–>Recent PostsIs the Mediterranean Diet Worth the Money?How to Plan For a Healthy DietThe Mediterranean diet – the Healthiest Diet in the WorldMediterranean Diet Healthy SnacksBasic Guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet BlogrollFerret Cages Ferret NationSurvival Seedswine cellar designmediterranean snacksmediterranean diet food planmediterranean mealslow fat mediterranean recipesrecipes mediterranean dietmediterranean breakfast dietFree copy of mediterrean diet mediterranean meal plan dietmediterranean eatingmediterranean diet lunchesCopyright © ONE2WEB 2009 &middot All Rights Reserved Mediterranean Diet Log in