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Part 1: Motivate Yourself by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Frequently people have immediate, short-term motives to lose weight. These sudden motivation can cam from the fast approach of hot, sunny weather (swimsuit season), or many other occasions like high school reunion or even a upcoming wedding. Sometimes, motivation to lose weight comes from the desire to attract a partner, or to keep one interested. All these motivators are fine and all of them can work, but only temporary.Basing a big decision like loosing some weight on a wimp won’t work in the long run. You need a firmer motivation, and some solid foundation for lasting results. And we are here to help you! Without a lifestyle change you are not likely to solve the overweight problem, and long term life changing motivation can come from:the sense of steady progress and long term accomplishmentsthe inspiration that comes from observing others take change in their lives and follow them successfullythe discovery that you feel much better and have way more energy when your body isn’t suffering under the pressure of overweight.the discovery of interesting and new menus, new food and sensible eatingthe acknowledgment that you have free will and that you, and only you, are in charge your health and weight.the promise (to yourself) that you don’t won’t to continue to be overweight, and the admission that you have some shame and guilt about being fat, and that you have liked yourself more when you where not overweight.Whichever reason you can find yourself relating to, appropriate motivation will support your commitment and give you the will power to follow thru! Maybe you need to get angry at your fat! The fat is your enemy, trying to kill you and dragging you down! You have to attack it! And we will be by your side to help you!Part 1: Motivate yourselfPart 2: Free WillPart 3: Motivate yourself! (Yes, we know is as same as Part 1!)Part 4: New habits and how to start themDid you like this? Share it:TweetMediterranean Diet Meal PlanComplete recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! FREE!We hate spam just as much as youTags: Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss, weight loss –>