Part 2: Free Will

Part 2: Free WillSeptember 12, 2009 by Roberto   Filed under Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss People frequently ask me, how many weight loss programs does it take for one person to take before he/she lose that extra weight for good? My answer is always the same: “Just one! But…”If you are eager to lose excess body weight and equally eager to keep that extra weight off, you must learn and memorize this equation:The energy you eat (food intake) – the energy you burn (metabolism and activity) = changes in your body fatEnergy is measured in calories; for example if you eat 3000 calories of energy a day and you burn 3300 calories you will have a negative energy balance and your fat will melt! In other words, you will lose weight! Obesity and overweight are the result of an imbalance between the energy expenditure and energy intake!It really is that simple! Although we can’t control metabolic energy requirements of our bodies (roughly about 1300-1500 calories daily), we can adjust food intake and activity levels (workouts) to achieve a happy balance which will minimize the unwanted fat.Right now, your balance is probably leaning toward excess energy stores (fat), but It will soon be tipped in the other directions, we promise! Once you achieve your goal weight, you will need to balance your energy equation once more, to keep it that way!And don’t worry about all those stories from people who swear that they can not lose weight even when they are on a diet! On appropriate calorie-restricted diets like Mediterranean Diet, everyone loses weight. Some sooner, some later, but everyone lose weight! We have the whole region around Mediterranean Sea and Millions of people to prove it! Of course, if you exercise you will lose weight even easier!Part 1: Motivate yourselfPart 2: Free WillPart 3: Motivate yourself! (Yes, we know is as same as Part 1!)Part 4: New habits and how to start themDid you like this? Share it:TweetTags: healthy diet, lose weight, Mediterranean Diet, weight loss Revolution Lifestyle Options and enter your Feedburner ID.–>Mediterranean Diet News & UpdatesSign up to receive breaking news as well as receive other site updates!Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Revolution Music Options and enter your video code here.Featured Video–>Recent PostsIs the Mediterranean Diet Worth the Money?How to Plan For a Healthy DietThe Mediterranean diet – the Healthiest Diet in the WorldMediterranean Diet Healthy SnacksBasic Guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet mediterranean diet weight lossmediterranean diet breakfast recipesmediteranian diet7 day mediterranean diet planmediterranean diet food planNEW DIET PYRAMIDlow fat mediterranean recipesrecipes mediterranean dietonline diet menusmediterranean diet lunchesCopyright © ONE2WEB 2009 &middot All Rights Reserved Mediterranean Diet Log in/* */