Bikini Cleanse 7-Day Weight Loss System


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Bikini Cleanse gets You Bikini Ready in Just 7 Days! Tired of starving? Sick of juice that goes bad in the fridge? We were too. Bikini Cleanse is an all-natural, easy to follow, 7-day cleanse system that will help you lose weight fast! It's the perfect cleanse program if you have an island vacation, wedding or big event coming up fast. Everything you need to lose weight is in the box. It is portable for your busy lifestyle and requires no refrigeration. Plus enjoy two meals and two snacks per day from our pre-approved food list. No more starving! Bikini Cleanse contains the following: BIKINI SMOOTHIE Replace breakfast or lunch with individual packets of BIKINISMOOTHIE, juicy orange and tahitian vanilla flavored whey protien smoothie. They will keep you full, give you the energy you need to work out, fight off cravings and keep you focused. [Box contains 7 BIKINISMOOTHIE/ 1 meal replacement per day] BIKINI STICKS Containing the fat-burning super-ingredient raspberry ketone, BIKINISTICKS energy crystals help you burn fat, increase energy, curb sugar cravings and stay full between meals. Mix these individual packets with water between meals for an instant boost! [Box contains 14 Bikini Sticks / 2 per day] BIKINI TEA Our caffeine-free bedtime tea promotes weight loss with internal cleansing. It's gentle blend of senna leaf, cinnamon bark, ginger root, rose hip, passion fruit and spearmint promotes regular bowel movements, helps to release excess water and is easy on your stomach. [Box contains 7 BIKINITEA bag/ 1 per day] BIKINI PASSPORT is your step-by-step instruction guide to help you lose weight and stay on track containing diet cleanse instructions, all shopping lists, meal and workout logs and daily encouragement. It's small so you will carry it everywhere during your cleanse.


  • LOSE WEIGHT: Our healthy weight loss system will get your ready for a holiday, wedding or big event in just 7 days! Our kit contains 7 Bikini Smoothies, 14 Bikini Sticks, 7 Bikini Teas & 1 Bikini Passport instruction guide
  • NEVER STARVE: Enjoy a creamy whey protein Bikini Smoothie for breakfast or lunch, 2 meals and 2 snacks off of our approved list
  • BOOST ENERGY & BURN FAT: Sip our raspberry ketone crystal Bikini Sticks in your water in the morning and afternoon to curb sugar cravings, burn fat and boost your metabolism
  • DETOX WHILE YOU SLEEP: Drink Bikini Tea before bed and detox on the cellular level while you sleep. This cleansing tea contains Senna Root to flush toxins and cleanse your body overnight
  • RESET YOUR BODY: This is the ultimate body reset and helps you regain control of your eating while giving you tools to live a healthy lifestyle year round. Our Bikini Passport has shopping lists, meal logs, workout logs and bikini body inspiration on every page.

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